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Financial Services & Technology Fund

Fund Investment Approach

EFM Global Financial Services and Technology Fund (“FST”) is a specialist deep-growth fund, which invests in listed equities, with a global mandate.

FST is focused on best-of-breed Financial Services and Technology companies, with a bias towards larger-cap companies.

In addition, we look to identify emerging disruptors that are on track to displace industry incumbents based on visionary and scalable business models.

The investment universe comprises companies native to the Financial Services and Technology industries, along with the convergence of both industries.

The fund leverages EFM’s deep fundamental research approach and industry-rich background, including its experienced network of investors.

Portfolio Construction

The fund typically holds 30-50 investments, with no single stock representing >6% of the portfolio.

Positions are strictly-sized, with the average liquidity of the portfolio less than 1-day volume.

Each investment is selected based on its potential to deliver superior returns, over a 3-5-year horizon.

The fund will typically hold 70-100% global equities, up to 20% cash and ±10% derivatives.

The fund may engage in hedging to reduce net exposure when deemed appropriate.

Sell Discipline: All positions are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the reasons for purchase remain valid.

Re-test: we continuously scrutinise our investments on both a forward-looking and retrospective basis. We identify portfolio correlations, factor exposure, risk/reward trade-offs.

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