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"A specialist global alternatives investment manager focused on quality growth companies"


About Us

EFM Asset Management Limited (“EFM”) is a specialist global alternatives investment manager with unique competitive advantages in e-financials, sports wagering, Blockchain, AI, machine learning, bio-tech, and healthcare; with a focus on quality growth companies.

EFM was founded in 2015 by Jeff Emmanuel, who was previously with Citigroup, UBS, Merrill Lynch and Deloitte during his 35+ year career in financial services.

The EFM team is based in Hong Kong and the company is licensed as an asset manager by the HK SFC. EFM Group is majority-owned by the founder and team; and minority-owned by Limited Partner investors who share a collective history together and support wider industry reach and expertise.

Our Philosophy and Approach

We firmly believe that the Financial Services and Technology industries are in the early stages of an unprecedented revolution. This being driven by innovation platforms that are reshaping the global economy. The landscapes of both industries are also converging, with barriers to entry being redefined.

We have delivered our investors strong returns since inception. Fundamental investment research is first and foremost in our DNA, supported by partnerships and collaboration. We have a group of c. 30 active investors who we refer to as our LP expert network. They include a number of non-executive directors and “C-Suite” executives, who make themselves available to help us with our industry thesis validation.

Currently managing US$510m+ across all our strategies, which includes significant manager co-investment of US$150m.

We aim to invest in both emerging and existing global winners in their respective areas of expertise, only where we have high conviction. We take a “lifecycle” approach to our investments, giving them attention from “cradle to success”. We treat our investments as if we own part of the business, not just as a share price.

Our approach reflects the best of East meets West.

Tier One Service Providers

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