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EFM Global Alternatives Growth Fund


Fund Investment Approach


EFM Global Alternatives Growth Fund (“EFM GAG”) is a specialist deep-growth alternative equities fund, with a global mandate. The fund has been operating on a soft-launch basis since the beginning of 2021.

EFM GAG is a high-conviction, co-mingled fund, comprising existing and emerging industry leaders and differentiated by participation in both private and publicly listed equities.

It seeks to leverage the manager’s unique competitive strengths in the areas of: e-financials, technology, and specialist knowledge in sports wagering, Blockchain, AI, machine learning, bio-tech, and healthcare.

We take a “lifecycle” approach to our investments, giving them attention from “cradle to success”. We treat our investments as if we own part of the business, not just as a share price.

We maximise the benefits of compounding returns, domain expertise and specialised access.

Portfolio Construction

Typically holds 20-30 investments. Gearing used to maximize exposure to preferred public names.

Each investment is selected based on its potential to deliver superior returns, over a 3-5 year horizon.

Typically, 70% of portfolio invested in public listed assets and 30% in mid-to-late stage private equity assets.

Hedging is used to cushion volatility and allow long term participation in portfolio longs. Most commonly used instruments are exchange traded futures and options.

The fund may take short positions in individual stocks and in broad based products.  The fund will typically be between 50-100% net long, and occasionally 0-150% net long (when deemed appropriate).


How to invest

Please click here to request a copy of the fund documents.

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